Loft Conversion Ideas

Loft Conversion Ideas

The following article contains details from our book Understanding Loft Conversions.

Loft conversions are the perfect way create more space in your home. In this post we will share some of our favourite loft conversion ideas to provide some inspiration.


Architects are increasingly asked to create extra habitable space within existing dwellings. While an extension is always an option, some people opt for using the existing space in the loft. There are many things to consider when planning a loft conversion, some of which are covered in our book Understanding Loft Conversions.


Loft conversions can be used for creating a new bedroom, a new master suite complete with dressing area and en suite bathroom. Alternatively a loft conversion could be used to create a new home office, or perhaps a kids playroom.


Here we share a few loft conversion ideas that demonstrate the variety of different designs and configurations that can be achieved when converting an attic space.



This loft conversion shows a standing seam roof finish complementing the existing roofs surrounding the house. Inside, the space is reminiscent of a canal boat with it’s carefully designed in built furniture to maximise the space.




Architect: Archmongers

Photographer: French + Tye

0103 loft conversion ideas BVDS-Architects-Two-and-a-half-story-house2

This loft conversion was a challenging project due to tight planning restrictions. The architects have managed to create a new bedroom while keeping roof heights to a minimum. Take a moment to follow the link below to read the full story of the project, a fantastic example of problem solving, and why having an architect is key to finding the best solutions available for creating space in your home.

Photographer: French + Tye


0104 loft conversion ideas narford-loft-conversion-emil-eve-architects_dezeen_2364_col_6-852x1278 0105 loft conversion ideas narford-loft-conversion-emil-eve-architects_dezeen_2364_col_2-852x568

Another challenging project where the property was located in a conservation area, thus planning restrictions meant that the loft extension had to be designed with a minimal visual impact.

The result is a loft conversion mansard nestled into the roof, replacing the butterfly roof that was previously there. It creates a feeling of space and calm inside, providing natural light.


Photographer: Mariell Lind Hansen
0106 loft conversion ideas Lampmead Road_02 Garden

This loft conversion idea shows a faceted dormer, giving a great contemporary feel to this large dormer. This type of faceted dormer can be achieved using standing seam zinc cladding. Follow the link below to see more images of this wonderful project.

Photographer: Gautier Houba
We have an example of a faceted dormer detail in our Understanding Loft Conversion book. Below you can see a couple of images from the book.

0107 loft conversion ideas 82-Dudley-Rd-23

0108 loft conversion ideas 82-Dudley-Rd-18

This loft conversion idea shows a more traditional loft conversion from the outside with hung tile cladding. However, the inclusion of bifold doors and a juliet balcony transform the inside space to make it bright and open, bringing the outside in.

Architect: Not disclosed – The Loft Room
Photographer: Not disclosed

Understanding Loft Conversions includes information on how to detail a Juliet balcony. See images below from the book.

Another fantastic example of a faceted dormer, using standing seam zinc and beautiful timber windows to compliment the grey cladding. The contemporary dormer on a traditional stone cottage works really well.

Architect: Konishi Gaffney
Photographer: Alan Craigie

0110 studiosh-alexandra-drive-loft conversion ideas

Another exciting example of a dormer loft extension. This zinc standing seam dormer with timber windows creates a real impact from the outside, and provides a fabulous window to the world from the inside.

Architect: studioSH
Photographer: Lorenzo Zandri

0113 loft conversion ideas etch-house-by-fraher-architects_dezeen_2364_col_13-852x568

Another interesting project showing different volumes at loft level to accommodate two bedrooms. Click through to the full article to see more of images from this really interesting project.

Photographer: Adam Scott


Our final loft conversion idea looks at the use of loft space to provide storage as well as habitable space. This project creates space and light, but also manages to include stylish built in storage. See the full set of images by clicking on the link below to read the article.

Architect: A Small Studio
Photographer: Jim Stephenson

Check out our latest book Understanding Loft Conversions here:

Plus, there are plenty of loft conversion ideas over Detail Library Pinterest board here:

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