Measured Surveys with OrthoGraph

I have been approached by OrthoGraph, who have told me about their great building survey system. They provide the means to carry out a building survey using your mobile device – providing you with a faster way to measure and document a building.

I am really excited to have started using the software myself, and am already impressed with its capability. I intend to share some videos with you of me carrying out a survey with the OrthoGraph software to show you just how simple and effective it is. I will post links to those videos on this page when they are complete. Until then, take a moment to check out the information below about OrthoGraph, I’m sure you will agree what a useful tool it is for assisting with measured surveys.


OrthoGraph Building Survey System

create professional floor plans faster than ever

OrthoGraph Ltd. provides building survey solutions on mobile platforms. The company delivers professional software to those, who need to map out and measure buildings and architectural spaces quickly and accurately. OrthoGraph has won several awards, and serves users from all around the globe covering all segments of the AEC industry.

Change the way

… you create floor plans of existing homes or offices. Today it is more than just a trend that tablets and mobile phones are over and above being devices for free time activities – they have become powerful working tools. By using OrthoGraph, the professional building survey app your tablet turns into a powerful tool which helps you working faster than ever.

Forget the clumsy hand drawn sketches and old, outdated, unreliable floorplans. Use your tablet and sketch the floor plan just the way you would do with pencil and paper, the software recognizes your movements and creates walls from them. Measure walls and diagonals as you go. OrthoGraph doesn’t let you forget any measurement as it highlights those corners that are not measured enough yet.

Connect a compatible laser distance meter to OrthoGraph in order to speed up your process – as all measured data shows up directly on your tablet screen, you won’t need another colleague to help with survey anymore, so you can move faster.

Use BIM models!

If you are working with pencil and paper, you might find missing data and inaccuracies only when you are already back to your office and try to redraw your work into your desktop. Mistakes would force you to go back to the survey site, wasting time and money. Save yourself from this trouble and manual post processing, your work results are exported by a touch into different formats that are compatible with most CAD software.


OrthoGraph is a native BIM App by design. The software handles several BIM (Building Information Modeling) properties, such as complex hierarchical location structures, doors and windows with opening directions and unlimited number of properties, walls with attributes, moreover, you have over 100 intelligent objects to represent the equipment and machinery of the built environment. All this complex BIM data can be exported into IFC and DXF files, which can then be used in several CAD and BIM software platforms.

Today, the company is working on the app’s cross-platform version – as per the users’ demand – to make it available for more and more segments to a growing audience of professionals.

The mobile version for Android smartphones will be launched soon with an ergonomic user-interface, which allows conducting and managing a professional survey on smartphones, too.

By providing many other excellent features – PDF room book, excel output, 3D walkthrough, teamwork etc. – OrthoGraph is a leading building survey app on all tablet platforms with its integrated cloud functionality.

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