Metric Data 02 Average dimensions of person sitting

Metric Data 02: Average dimensions of man and woman sitting

In Metric Data 02 we look at the average dimensions of a man sitting and the average dimensions of a woman sitting. This includes details such as average height of man when seated, average height of woman when seated, average reach dimensions and much more. These dimensions are useful when planning spaces and developing designs.


This information with dimensioned images is available to download as a pdf to keep for your own records. To download the pdf click on the button below.

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The format of our metric data posts will follow the same layout for each post. First we will demonstrate the dimensions and heights in a series of images. Then we will list out all of the dimensions we have demonstrated in the images. You can then download the pdf of all the dimensions. Finally, you can get the cad drawings of the dimensioned images for your own use. These are available to purchase from our shop for a very small contribution.

Average dimensions of woman sitting


  • Top of head height of woman sitting: 1280mm
  • Eye level of woman when sitting: 1170mm
  • Shoulder height of woman sitting: 985mm
  • Top of thigh of woman sitting: 590mm
  • Average seat height: 440mm
  • Forward reach of average woman sitting: 780mm
  • Buttock to back of calf of woman sitting: 470mm
  • Buttock to knee of woman sitting: 570mm
  • Extended leg of average woman sitting: 965mm
  • Desk height: 650 – 750mm
  • Depth of desk: 600mm 


Average dimensions of man sitting


  • Top of head height of man sitting: 1340mm
  • Eye level of man when sitting: 1220mm
  • Shoulder height of man sitting: 1040mm
  • Top of thigh of man sitting: 590mm
  • Average seat height: 440mm
  • Forward reach of average man sitting: 850mm
  • Buttock to back of calf of man sitting: 480mm
  • Buttock to knee of man sitting: 615mm
  • Dining table height: 750mm

01 Head height of woman sitting02 Eye level of woman sitting03 Shoulder height of woman sitting04 Thigh height of woman sitting05 AVerage seat height06 Forward reach of woman sitting07 Buttock to calf woman sitting08 Buttock to knee woman sitting09 Extended leg of woman sitting10 Desk depth and height

11 Head height of man sitting12 Eye level of man sitting13 Shoulder height of man sitting14 Top of thigh height man sitting15 Average seat height16 Forward reach of man sitting17 Buttock to calf man sitting18 Buttock to knee man sitting19 Extended leg man sitting20 average height of table

Make sure you download the pdf guide that goes with this post by filling out your details below. And get your copy of the cad files too by heading over to the FIA shop.

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Information based on average data for British men and women.



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