Metric Data 03 Average dimensions of wheelchair user

Metric Data 03: Average dimensions of man and woman in wheelchair


In Metric Data 03 we look at the average dimensions of a wheelchair, and average dimensions of a wheelchair user. This includes details such as average height, average width, average reach dimensions and much more. These dimensions are useful when planning spaces and developing designs. Accessibility is of key importance in design, and I hope that these will help you achieve accessible spaces more easily.


This information with dimensioned images is available to download as a pdf to keep for your own records. To download the pdf click on the button below.

To complement the PDF download you can get the CAD files for your own use, of all the dimensioned figures. Easy to drop into your drawings or use a reference in your own CAD templates. Get the CAD files now!

Wheelchair dimensions


  • Average wheelchair width at back: 630mm
  • Average wheelchair width at front: 465mm
  • Average wheelchair height top: 965mm 
  • Average wheelchair armrest height: 710mm
  • Average wheelchair wheel height: 560mm
  • Average wheelchair length: 1075mm



21 Average wheelchair dimensions in plan22 Average wheelchair dimensions in elevation

Average dimensions of man in wheelchair


  • Wheelchair user man high reach: 1715mm
  • Wheelchair user man forward reach (over table): 580mm
  • Wheelchair user man head height: 1330mm
  • Wheelchair user man eye level: 1220mm
  • Wheelchair user man shoulder height: 1035mm
  • Wheelchair user man elbow height: 690mm
  • Wheelchair user man thigh height: 605mm
  • Wheelchair user man seat height: 485mm
  • Wheelchair user man knuckle height: 380mm
  • Wheelchair user foot height: 145mm


Average dimensions of woman in wheelchair


  • Wheelchair user woman high reach: 1575mm
  • Wheelchair user woman forward reach (over table): 510mm
  • Wheelchair user woman head height: 1255mm
  • Wheelchair user woman eye level: 1155mm
  • Wheelchair user woman shoulder height: 990mm
  • Wheelchair user woman elbow height: 690mm
  • Wheelchair user woman thigh height: 605mm
  • Wheelchair user woman seat height: 475mm
  • Wheelchair user woman knuckle height: 420mm
  • Wheelchair user woman foot height: 165mm

01 average high reach man in wheelchair02 average forward reach man in wheelchair03 average head height man in wheelchair04 average eye level man in wheelchair05 average shoulder height man in wheelchair06 average elbow height man in wheelchair07 average thigh height man in wheelchair08 average seat height man in wheelchair09 average knuckle height man in wheelchair10 average foot height man in wheelchair

11 average high reach female12 average forward reach female wheelchair13 average eye level female wheelchair14 average head height female wheelchair15 average shoulder height female wheelchair16 average elbow height female wheelchair17 Average thigh height female wheelchair18 Average seat height female in wheelchair19 average knuckle height female in wheelchair20 average foot height female in wheelchair

Make sure you download the pdf guide that goes with this post. And get your copy of the cad files too!

If there is something specific you would like to see in this Metric Data series, please let us know and we can get it sorted. 

Information based on average data for British men and women.

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  1. Hi, I’m designing a standing frame for people with spinal cord injuries and require some anthropometric data on users in wheelchairs. I was wondering where you got your data from, did you carry out primary research yourself have you sourced it elsewhere? If so, could you please let me know where. Thank you in advance

    • Hi Will, You can find this data in books such as Metric Handbook – Planning and Design Data or Architects Data by Neufert. These would be good places to start.


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