Metric Data 04 Circulation and Space

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Metric Data 04: Circulation and space


In Metric Data 04 we look at the circulation and space. This includes details such as space requirements for people next to each other, in a queue, corridor width requirements, wheelchair passing space and much more. These dimensions are useful when planning spaces and developing designs. 


This information with dimensioned images is available to download as a pdf to keep for your own records. To download the pdf click on the button below.

To complement the PDF download you can get the CAD files for your own use, of all the dimensioned figures. Easy to drop into your drawings or use a reference in your own CAD templates. Get the CAD files now!

Space requirements

People next to each other

width one person: 625mm

two people next to each other: 1150mm

four people next to each other: 2250mm

People in a queue

one person: 375mm

spaced queue four people: 1875mm

Corridor widths

width for one person: 750mm

width for two people passing: 1400mm


space requirement for two people


space requirement for four people

space requirement for people in a queue

width of two people passing

Average dimensions for wheelchair circulation

large wheelchair turning circle: 1700mm

medium wheelchair turning circle: 1500mm

small wheelchair turning circle: 1245mm

two wheelchairs passing: 1800mm

single wheelchair: 900mm

Other dimensions

width of person with crutches: 840mm

width of person with stick: 660mm

person with walking frame: 760mm

turning circle for large wheelchair

turning circle for standard wheelchair

turning circle for indoor wheelchair

width of person on crutches

Make sure you download the pdf guide that goes with this post. And get your copy of the cad files too!

If there is something specific you would like to see in this Metric Data series, please let us know and we can get it sorted. 

Information based on average data for British men and women.

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