Metric Data 08 – Standard Furniture Sizes

Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom


In metric data 08 we will be looking at standard furniture sizes. To make it more useful, we have put together a reference PDF with all of the sizes that you can download for free. On top of that you can get all of the CAD drawings that are featured in this post from our shop for a small fee.


In this post we explore standard furniture sizes for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. Examples being sofas, tables, dining tables, beds, storage and so on.


In the next post we will look at other areas of a residential building and the standard sizes associated with the remaining rooms.


The standard furniture sizes below are suggestions, and of course, furniture comes in many different sizes – but this is a good starting point and guide. It is especially useful if you have the cad drawings to drag and drop directly into your floor plans.

To complement the PDF download you can purchase the CAD files for your own use, of all the dimensioned drawings. Easy to drop into your drawings or use a reference in your own CAD templates. Purchase the CAD files now!

Living Room Standard Furniture Sizes


Armchair: 900mm x 950mm
Two seater sofa: 1500mm x 950mm
Three seater sofa: 2100mm x 950


Coffee table small: 750mm x 750mm
Coffee table large: 1000mm x 500mm
Round coffee table: 750 mm diameter


Desk: 1500mm x 750mm
Office chair: 450mm x 500mm


Small TV unit: 220mm x 650mm


Small storage unit: 500mm x 1000mm
Medium storage unit: 500mm x 1500mm
Large storage unit: 500mm x 2000mm


Metric Data 08 Living Room standard furniture sizes

Dining Room Standard Furniture Sizes


Dining table for 10: 2600mm x 900mm
Dining table for 8: 1950mm x 900mm
Dining table for 6: 1500mm x 900mm
Round dining table for 6: 1200mm diameter


Round dining table for 4: 1100mm diameter
Dining table for 4: 100mm x 100mm
Dining table for 4: 1350mm x 750mm
Dining table for 2: 750mm x 750mm


Dining Chair: 450mm x 450mm
Bar stool: 350mm

Metric Data 08 Dining room standard furniture sizes

Bedroom Standard Furniture Sizes


Single bed: 970mm x 1910mm
Double bed: 1350mm x 1910mm
King size bed: 1930mm x 1910mm


Bedside table: 450mm x 450mm
Chest of drawers: 1000mm x 500mm
Wardrobe: 1200mm x 600mm
Dressing table: 1350mm x 450mm
Cot: 650mm x 1250mm


Metric Data 08 Bedroom standard furniture sizes

Make sure you download the free pdf guide that goes with this post. And buy your copy of the cad files too!

To complement the PDF download you can purchase the CAD files for your own use, of all the dimensioned drawings. Easy to drop into your drawings or use a reference in your own CAD templates. Buy the CAD files now!

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