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Celebrating 10 years of First In Architecture!

To celebrate 10 years of First In Architecture, we have put together a number of blog posts for September exploring and revisiting some of the content we have created over the years. This week we are going in deep with the Site Analysis!!

Introducing a brand new Site Analysis Bundle!

Since site analysis is crucial to every architectural design project, we’re launching our new site analysis bundle that will help you best analyse your sites!  

  This awesome bundle includes:

Our updated Architecture Site Analysis Guide 

(available as a pdf download)

This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the key steps to conduct a successful site analysis. 

How to develop architectural concepts FI

Printable  Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

(available as a pdf download)

Includes our useful Site Visit Checklist with an assortment of Notes pages to help you sketch out and jot down your site observations. 

Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

Our new Contextual Site Surveys Guide 

(available as a pdf download) 

Be one of the first people to get this incredibly useful guide! It explores all the different survey options for your site, including digital tools, professional services and much more.

Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

Symbols set 1

(available as a Photoshop .psd download)

A great collection of hand drawn site analysis symbols for presenting your analysis!

Site Analysis Symbols Set 2

Symbols set 2 

(available as a Photoshop .psd, Illustrator .ai and AutoCAD .dwg download)

Over 200 key site analysis symbols to add to your site analysis diagrams!

Site Analysis Symbols - Set 2

Site Material Analysis Template 

(available as a Photoshop .psd download)

An assortment of 3 handy templates that you can use to present the prominent materials on your site and then use to make material choices further along in your design process.

Site Analysis Symbols - Set 2

Pack of Material Textures 

(available as a .jpg downloads)

Super useful selection of common site materials to save you time searching for textures.

Site Analysis Symbols - Set 2

To celebrate the release of this brand new bundle, the first 10 customers will be able to get the download for FREE!

If you are one of the first 10 people to add the Site Analysis Bundle to your cart, the discount will automatically be applied to give you the complete bundle for free!

Sorry guys, the first 10 free downloads have already gone!!

If you are not one of the lucky first people – use the code SITE20 at checkout to get 20% off the brand new Site Analysis Bundle! Discount available for a limited time.

Hurry and click the button below!


A sneak peak at what’s inside…

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