One Of The Most Important Tips for Architecture Students

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This may be a short post – but it’s one that is valuable.

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One of my most important tips will always be:

  • Read the Brief.
  • Then read it again.
  • Then maybe get busy with the highlighter.
  • Then scribble some notes.
  • Then read that mess all over again!

Ok, I’ve made my point. It’s just that generally, the brief is very clear as to what is required from you, and how many marks you will get for sections of the assignment and so on. Whilst you are at University the assignments are there for you to learn, to get the best out of you, and for you to achieve.  The tutors want you to do well, so hopefully they will write the assignment brief clearly. From this you will be able to identify exactly where to invest your time during the assignment. If you have any doubt, always ask you tutor, they are there to help you.

Break the assignment down into parts, and work out which parts will be the most valuable to you when converted into marks – then allocate your time and effort accordingly. If you can master this strategy, I guarantee your grades will improve.

This is also reflected in your professional future. Sadly, although we like the idea of designing crazy or ground breaking schemes, we are often dictated by the ideas of our client. It is so important that we focus on what the client wants and designing with the best interest of the client in mind. So by sticking to the brief while you are at university, it will help you to achieve better things for your clients in the future.

My favourite Tools and Resources

I have curated a list of some of the tools and resources I would strongly recommend for anyone studying or working in Architecture.