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Introduction to Skala Studio


Skala Studio teaches architects how to leverage the power and flexibility of SketchUp Pro to streamline your workflow, save you time, and of course money.


Skala Studio is a SketchUp course platform created by Architects for Architects. Their courses are easy to follow, relevant to the architectural process of using SketchUp and Layout.


First time users to SketchUp can often start off on the wrong foot when working on their first models. One key thing I have learnt about SketchUp is you have to model efficiently and effectively –  if you don’t it can create headaches, and significantly slow down your workflow.


Skala Studio is dedicated to training architects how to get the most out of SketchUp, to use it to its full potential while keeping the process as simple and effective as possible.

SketchUp Course Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide to SketchUp Course


Skala Studio’s Quick Start Guide to SketchUp and Layout gives you everything you need to know to start producing beautiful 2D drawings from your 3D SketchUp model.


The short course starts off by setting the basics of modelling in SketchUp, looking at best practice when it comes to modelling, and optimising your 2d and 3d output. You will learn about how to make proper use of Layers, Groups and Components. This is key when you want to get the best out of SketchUp.


Next the course shows you how to create accurate plans, section and elevations by taking slices through your model. Not only this, but Skala teaches you how to control the visibility of the elements in your drawing.


From here, the course looks at the representation of your drawings. How they look in 2d and 3d, working with colours, line weights and hatching.


The final part of this short course takes your SketchUp drawings into Layout to create professional layout sheets, where you can add annotation, dimensions and more. Skala also teaches you time saving tips to optimise Layouts features, saving you a massive amount of time.

Drawing from sketchup 2
SketchUp Course creating sections

Why I Like This SketchUp Course


What I loved about this course is that it shows you what kind of 2d drawings can be achieved with SketchUp and the flexibility of using Scenes and Styles to get the look and finish that you want. Before taking this course, I didn’t really consider that SketchUp was a viable option for producing good 2d output – and therefore saw SketchUp as more of a conceptual or visualisation tool. Skala Studio is showing the power of SketchUp and has encouraged me to take their more detailed course SketchUp Drawing Formula (more on that another time).


The course is concise enough to complete in a short amount of time, and it’s affordable. Mark Gregory, the trainer, teaches in a clear and patient manner, talking you through the steps in a methodical way. The lessons are nice and short so you can digest the information easily and practice as you go.


The Quick Start Guide will certainly give you confidence in using SketchUp for professional drawings, but also teach you valuable time saving practices that will have a huge impact on your workflow.


So, if you want to get started with SketchUp and Layout the right way, head over to Skala Studio to learn more about this great course, and get yourself signed up!

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