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Residential Construction Details

ebook based on US construction standards


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What is included?

Residential Construction Details is explores a range of residential construction methods, based on US standards. The book is packed full of over 150 construction details in 2D, and 140 construction details in 3D.
We look at the principles behind construction detailing, and delve deep into each area of the building to make sure you have a full understanding of construction design.


  • slab on grade
  • pier and grade beam systems
  • foundation walls

Crawl Spaces

  • unvented crawl spaces
  • vented crawl spaces


  • waterproofing
  • structure – cmu and concrete construction
  • insulating basements


  • joist floor systems
  • girder floor systems


  • wall construction
  • siding
  • insulation
  • windows
  • door thresholds


  • roof construction
  • roof finishes
  • roof ventilation
  • roof insulation

Download over 150 2d CAD files and over 140 3D SketchUp models!

How this book will help you

  • Gain a better understanding of residential construction
  • Understand the principles of construction detailing
  • Understand the functional requirements of a building in relation to the building regulations
  • Learn about the different materials available and their benefits
  • Improve your technical ability
  • Increase your skill set to make you more employable
  • Save a huge amount of time searching for details, over 150 details in one place
  • Edit and develop the cad files into your own detail library
  • Explore the 3d sketchup files to improve your understanding of the construction

Not sure if the books are right for you? Please feel free to download a sample so you can get a closer look.

Who is it for?

students | graduates | professionals | tutors | professors

This book is really useful to quite a few different people.
Students looking to increase their knowledge of construction.
Graduates use the book to take out into the workplace and use as a reference.
Professionals use the book as a reference book and foundation for their construction libraries.
The book is also highly recommended by many tutors, lecturers and professors who teach construction at colleges and universities around the globe.

Hi, I’m Emma…

This is why I wrote the book

In the past I have spent hours searching for details, trying to find an example of a detail so that I can understand the construction a bit better. When I was at university I was really frustrated with how difficult it was to improve my construction knowledge. There just doesn’t seem to be much clear and concise information readily available on commercial and industrial construction. When you do find what you are looking for it is often difficult to digest. That is why I knew what a valuable resource this book would be for both architecture students and professionals.


After writing three successful UK construction books (Residential, Commercial and Basement construction), I had many requests for a version for our friends in the US. So, I put together a book that is based on US construction methods and standards and this is the result! I know that this US edition of the Residential Construction book really fills the gap I have experienced both as a student and professional.

Exactly what you need

I have been very happy with the contents of Residential Construction Details.  I teach computer aided drafting at a technical college as well as I operate an active architectural practice.  The details have been very useful to illustrate to my students how details need to be illustrated to insure the proper information is shared with contractors and clients.  Thanks for a wonderful product. 

John - Architect / Teacher

Let me start with WOW! The PDF/DWG/SKP bundle is incredible! I have been drafting and designing for well over 20 years. This is the most COMPREHENSIVE set of details I have seen in a long time. What a value too! To be able to illustrate the detail in both 2D and 3D is very useful. The 3D details can be used for scopes of work, plans sets……the list goes on and on.

I have trained a lot of students and architects straight from school on construction methods. This book will simplify the training! The details cover structure, insulation and most importantly the protection of moisture from flashing and house wrap.

To be able to pull a detail off the shelf and manipulate to your needs in a matter of minutes both 2D and 3D is priceless. Close to 300 details 2D & 3D. That’s less than .50 cents each! Nice Job Emma!

Paul - Architect

Residential Construction Details have been an invaluable resource during my studies and have provided me an educational advantage in building science.

Thank you for everything, I look forward to seeing more resources on your website in the future.

Emily - Architecture Student

How will I receive the book?
Upon payment you will be sent an email which contains a download link for the book. You can then download the book (and associated files if you have purchased bundle 2 or 3) onto your computer.
Please be sure to keep an eye on your spam or junk folder.
Can I buy the book for a university library?
Yes! The books are available to colleges, universities or institutions but as hard copies only. 
To discuss in more detail, please email me directly.
Can I get a hard copy of the book?

Unfortunately there are currently no hard copies available for the US book Residential Construction Details. If you would like to make a request, please send me an email at

What happens if I lose the pdf after purchase?

After you have downloaded your purchase, it is your responsibility to carry out any backups to ensure that your book is safe. If you lose the pdf, buy a new computer, or your computer crashes, we are not always able to replace your copy.

What is the format of the book?

The book is in pdf format. You can view it easily on your computer, or on a tablet if you have an appropriate pdf viewer.

What version of CAD and SketchUp are the files?

The CAD files are saved in AutoCAD 2010, and the Sketchup files are saved in SKP 2015.

Can I pay by card?

You can pay by both PayPal and card. Start the check out procedure, if you wish to pay by card, fill out your details and click proceed to shipping, you will be asked for your payment details after this.

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