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Revit Tips and Revit Resources

As you may know – I am not a Revit user. Being based on a Mac, I am more of an ArchiCAD kind of girl. However, I know how popular Revit is, and wanted to make sure that I have you covered! So, I have put together some of the most useful websites, YouTube channels and resources for Revit. 

If I’ve missed anything, just drop me an email or comment below – it would be great to hear from you!

YouTube for Revit Tips and Tutorials


Balkan Architect

Great channel with over 200k subscribers.

Here is an example of Balkan Architects videos.



With over 12k subscribers and a huge amount of videos, this channel will most definitely be useful to you if you are just starting out with Revit or are looking to level up your skills.
Here is an example:

Websites for Revit Tips and Revit Resources


There are just a few websites that really stand out if you are looking for Revit Tips and Revit Resources. Below are my favourite ones.

Revit Pure

Revit Pure is a great site run by Nicolas Catellier. He provides a great selection of tutorials, ebooks, templates and more – aimed at helping you get better at Revit and make your work more efficient. His blog is also packed full of useful guides and information. Of all the Revit sites, make sure you check out this one. 

The Revit Kid

Selection of helpful tutorials and guides.



Autodesk Revit Knowledge Base

Revit IQ


Websites for Revit Families and Content


BIM Object

Revit Tips and Revit Resources


One of the biggest BIM sites providing a large amount of Revit families.


NBS BIM Library


Free Revit objects to download and use in your models – they have nearly 10k models ready to download.





Brand specific products in Revit format.


BIM Store


Collection of BIM objects to download.


Revit Network


Great content consisting of pre-made templates, families, materials and styles.

Measured Survey 365

Measured Survey 365

I hope you have found this selection of websites and links useful for your Revit tips and resources needs! If you think there is anything I have missed just let me know and I can add it in. 

Until next time, work smart 🙂

My favourite Tools and Resources

I have curated a list of some of the tools and resources I would strongly recommend for anyone studying or working in Architecture.