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Skala Studio have just released their new SketchUp templates!

Skala Studio SketchUp Templates

SketchUp is great – intuitive, creative, giving you freedom as you design. It is great for producing sketch ideas or 3d visuals to show clients. But, to produce presentation drawings? This can be a time consuming and messy task!

The Skala SketchUp templates provide a massive time saving step toward creating clean, great looking, scaled drawings quickly and easily.


The templates for both SketchUp and LayOut, basically make you 10x more productive! They allow you to focus on your designs, while the production side is all done for you.


The templates will allow you to skip the frustrations of setting up and testing your own layouts and sketchup files, setting up tags, scenes, styles…. They just let you focus on the good stuff – your design work.

How do the templates work?


The SketchUp templates have been created for each stage of the design process, from Pre Design, right through to Construction Documents. The different SketchUp files are pre-formatted with Styles and Scenes ready for you to use.


The SketchUp template includes section planes pre set up, along with the styles and tags needed to keep organised. The relevant scenes have already been prepared with appropriate visibility setting for the corresponding tags. All you need to do is model your project in the template file, or just import your existing drawing into the SketchUp template.


The Layout templates also offer files for each stage of the design process ready for you to use.


Once you have prepared your SketchUp model you can bring it into the LayOut template where you will find all of the drawings and pages set up ready to use. Drawings like floor plans, elevations and sections are all ready to go, you just need to link your SketchUp model to the LayOut file. The viewports will auto populate when you link your SketchUp model. Super simple, super slick.


Setting up project information like this is a laborious and time consuming task. We either take hours doing it and waste valuable time, or we try and bodge it as best we can and it ends up looking a little rough around the edges! Using these templates allows you to focus on the task in hand, knowing that the output will be neat, professional and clear.


I can’t emphasise enough the benefits of using templates in your SketchUp work. I am a massive fan of templates and automations in my workflow, not just for SketchUp but for anything from CAD to word documents. Productivity is extremely important, especially when you are running a small business, working for yourself or just wanting to maximise your output. Templates like these make it happen.

Please note: First In Architecture is an affiliate of Skala Studio. Should you decide to make a purchase from Skala, FIA will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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