Sketch Challenge – Week 2

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So here we are at week two. How have you been getting on with your sketching? I have to say, I’ve been finding it a bit of a struggle. The main issue I have is I find it hard to sketch for sketching sake. I need direction, I need a goal!

So this week, I am giving us some direction! I have put together a few sketching tasks for you to complete if you find yourself uninspired and not sure what to draw. Bear in mind these sketching ideas are specific to architecture, so hopefully having a go at these will be beneficial to you in the future.

Task 1 – Practice drawing people

I don’t mean detailed people I mean sketchy indicative / figurative whatever kind of people. A good way to add scale, life and context to a sketch. Here are some examples.


Task 2 – Have a go at tracing

Trace to try different techniques and styles. Hopefully by now you have seen our Pinterest board dedicated to sketching and have seen all the styles you can achieve. To get inside these styles a bit more and understand them, we suggest either trying to recreate them or even print out and trace them to get a feel for the technique.


Task 3 – sketch from a photograph

Get a photograph – one you have taken or one from a book or the internet and sketch what you see. This is really useful because the image is flat, therefore it is easier to understand the perspective.

There are some great examples of contemporary houses, with clean lines – very sketchable, on Contemporist.

Image from

Task 4 – Colouring in

Take one of your sketches, make some copies and have a go at adding colour. You can even scan them into your computer and have a go at adding colour in Photoshop.

Finally, I would like to recommend this post by life of an architect “drawing like an architect” –

Send us your sketches so we can share them – inspire each other so we can complete the challenge together. Email us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter. #FIAsketchchallenge

Happy Sketching!

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