Stair Design Guide 01 – Ideas and Inspiration

In this first post of our stair design guide series we are looking at different types of stair ideas and inspiration.


Throughout the stair design guide series we will look at different aspects from designing a stair, from the regulations, through to different materials, and much more in between.


Stair Design Ideas


Staircases can have a massive impact on a residential project. They can be a focal point of a space, provide light and interest, so it’s important to take time to consider your options when designing the stairs in your project.


Some of the staircase design will be dictated by the space available, floor levels and so on.


However, there will be other aspects of the staircase design that you will have control over. Will the stairs be light or solid? Will they be simple or intricate? Will the stair serve another purpose like under stair storage? With the materials be robust or warm? Will the stair be wide or narrow, open or enclosed? Will the staircase have natural light, or a lighting scheme designed into the staircase?


Lets take a look at some of these ideas…

(please note all images are for inspiration only and do not necessarily comply with local regulations)

Lightweight Stair Ideas

These stairs are all lightweight in appearance, often because they appear to be floating and therefore give the impression of weightlessness.

01 Lightweight stair ideas

Wrap House by Apollo Architects & Associates, photo: Masao Nishikawa from

Marretti Stairs

Solid Stair Ideas

Solid stair cases give a feeling of strength, durability and stability. These stairs give examples of how a more solid designed stair case can impact the feel of the space. 

Under Stair Design Ideas

The space under your staircase can be utilised and maximised for a number of different purposes. From an understair toilet, to storage, to a wine cellar and lots more. Here are a few ideas…

01 Understair design ideas


03 understair ideas


Narrow Staircase Design Ideas

Sometimes space is limited, and only a narrow stair will do. Here are some ideas on how to make a narrow stair look great.

02 Narrow stair ideas



Wide Stair Design Ideas

Wide staircases can make a great impact. Whether the stairs are a feature to an entrance hall, or can be used to display art or provide seating – wide stairs can be a stunning addition to your design.

01 Wide Stair Design Ideas


02 Wide Stair Design Ideas

Home Adore – Terceroderecha Arquitectos


03 Wide Stair Design Ideas

h ttps://

Natural Light Stair Design Ideas

Highlighting the staircase with natural light can make a real impact. It also makes it more user friendly. Here are some examples of stair designs that have really maximised the natural light.

02 Stairs with natural light

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Integrated Lighting Stair Design Ideas

Some stunning effects can be achieved with integrated lighting in your stair design. Playing with light and shadows is a way to showcase the staircase and make it a feature of the space. Below are some ideas for using lighting in a staircase design. 

01 Stairs with lighting ideas

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02 Stairs with lighting ideas


03 Stair lighting ideas

Ichot – Gate of Poznan – Ad Artis Architects
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