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7 Ways To Improve Your Sketching Skills


Sketching is an extremely valuable skill in the architecture profession, and one that is certainly getting lost amongst our new technologies of 3d software and so on. However, you can demonstrate an idea with a sketch in a matter of moments, you can’t do the same thing with SketchUp. A sketch allows the client to get an idea, a feeling …

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Top 5 Books for Architectural Drawing and Presentation – US Version

If you want to improve your drawing skills, get ideas for styles, and generally be inspired I would recommend you get hold of the following books. These are books that I found really valuable throughout my course, and were always a great source of reference. This book, Architectural Drawing by David Dernie is a great book for students. It is …

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Sketch Challenge – Week 6 – The Final Week!

Master sketchers! You must be close to sketching mastery by now if you have kept up with the sketch a day challenge so far! Well done for sticking with it. For the final week, we are suggesting you go back over the sketches you have done and focus on the things you found more difficult and have another go at …

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Sketch Challenge – Week 5

Colour!! So now its time to get some colour in your life! So the task for this week is to start experimenting on bringing your sketches to life. Look at different colour styles: Muted pastel colours Bright Watercolour Pens Felt tips Pastels Pick out one accent colour Check out these images for ideas: Image from Suhita at Sketch Away – …

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Sketch Challenge – Week 4

So here we are at Week 4 of the sketch challenge. Hopefully by now you are really starting to gain a confidence in your sketching and feel that you can see an improvement. I hope you managed to master your perspective drawings, or if not – keep practicing! This week we are going to give you a couple of different …

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Sketch Challenge – Week 3

Architectural sketches

So here we are at week three. How have you been getting on with your sketching? By week three we will have done a fair few sketches by now – are you getting into the groove? This weeks task – “PERSPECTIVE” Only one task this week as it might take a few goes before getting it right. Master the perspective! …

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Sketch Challenge – Week 2

So here we are at week two. How have you been getting on with your sketching? I have to say, I’ve been finding it a bit of a struggle. The main issue I have is I find it hard to sketch for sketching sake. I need direction, I need a goal! So this week, I am giving us some direction! …

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Sketch Challenge – Week 1

Sketch Challenge

So, the challenge begins….   Image credit – Yann on Flickr Question: What exactly do you have to sketch? Answer: Anything and Everything! A sketch a day (more if you want to). Sketch your living room while you are watching TV. Sketch your TV. Sketch the street while you are waiting for the bus. Sketch the view from your window …

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