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  1. good one

  2. very helping

  3. good, very very helping

  4. Thanks for all helpful information…

  5. iam an architecture student ,writing a dissertations. i need your help for a case study of an existing community center

  6. thanks for your information thank you♡


    thankz for the information. I appreciated

  8. It’s useful for me

  9. Rhea Elsa Johnson

    Awesome. Thnks a lottt.

  10. nice work being don by u guyskeep up to make us grow hieher

  11. Thanks a lot for the great work.

  12. Great site, absolutely cracking!

  13. confused to buy new laptop,
    what i chose, suggest me, budget is
    under sixty thousand.

  14. Great work! thnx.

  15. Hi Emma…any chance you have commercial CAD blocks for a restaurant (seating, bar equipment, etc) in CAD 2007 ?? Thanks so much.

  16. Fawesome freebies. Thank first in Architecture make world simple.

  17. Thank you, you’re doing a great job!

  18. good one.thanks for all.thank you.

  19. really helpful thanks 🙂

  20. Very Good Site

  21. thanks for sharing

  22. thank you! you’re awesome! keep up the good work!

  23. hi emma a 2nd year architecture student and i have a gas station project do u have any helping cad blocks .. that would be really appreciated.. and keep up the good job 🙂

    • Hi Jad, thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid I don’t have any gas station cad blocks 🙁
      If I come across any I’ll let you know. Best of luck with your project 🙂

  24. i love it

  25. Hello Emma, this website is fantastic – the best I have ever come across! I’ve started working on a new project and have measured the entire floor. Its very obvious all walls are oddly angled. My plans don’t ‘connect’ on cad. could you please recommend what I could to do to get the angles as accurate as possible. Thank you in advance.

  26. I see that symbol very useful Thank you…..

  27. this is very useful to me

  28. hi Dear ;

    Please if u can send me the autocad blocks 2010

    Thank youuu <3

  29. I need a text book that we teacher me how to make free hand Sketch fact, ask d pencil use in shading

  30. i m interior design student i found a jon in interior desiging bt i hv no experience so if any body hv a vacany so plz contact me 7210413264

  31. very useful, Emma, Thanks

  32. Thanks a lot Emma. If I get a job after using these awesome blocks in my portfolio, I’ll owe it to you.

  33. Thanks for the really nice free blocks

  34. Very much help. Thank you!

  35. Hi, can you please get in touch as I am interested in using your books as a teaching resource aswell as in our reading lists and need to confirm a few things regarding licences. Thank you

  36. Plz could you help me archicad lesssons, and lucture of class design studio.
    Thabks bro

  37. Thanks for adding me on. Will make use of the metric blocks

  38. Thanks alot emma

  39. thanks for the information..

  40. Hello,
    I want to buy a laptop I’m going to my first year of architecture. I am a bit Apple crazy but also I’ve read that Microsoft is much more apt for this stream.
    I don’t want to buy softwares and spend much money on buying them but then I’m an apple crazy person.
    Can I buy an apple and still run all my softwares without any glitches?

    • Hi there, I was exactly the same as you when I started at University. I stuck with the Apple although it did cause a few issues – I think some of those issues have been ironed out now.
      Main issue: Revit & 3DS Max
      If you are using the above two programs specifically on your course, and they teach these programs, it will be a bit annoying as they aren’t available on a mac. This means you will have to get parallels or fusion – or use bootcamp to reboot into windows. I did this and it worked fine, but was a bit of a pain. Again, this may have improved since I did it. For me it was worth it.
      On the other hand, auto cad, archicad, sketchup, v-ray, adobe creative suite are all available on the mac – so you can still use all these and not have any problems at all.
      If you are apple crazy, like I am – I would probably be inclined to go with a good spec mac (it will need additional power to run windows on top of Revit etc), and be prepared to have a few irritating issues every now and again.
      If I went back tomorrow, I would stick with a mac.
      Hope this helps.

  41. Emma, Thank you for every thing, thanks for your advice.

  42. Hai, can you please help me for the commercial complex design.
    Please get me some concepts for that in one word

  43. Hello, thank you for this. By the way, can you send the ones that I downloaded to me in 2007 version?

  44. thank you so much!

  45. tq emma!! it’s useful fr stdnts lyk me!! 🙂

  46. Thanks for your technical support, it is what I’m looking for.

  47. tq emma…….

  48. hey i need a pdf for fundamental in architecture am a first year architecture student

  49. Thanks… Very helpful

  50. Thanks, you re da best!

  51. hey thanx dude!!!! am a 300level archi student!!!

  52. hi guyz plz in am of need concept of form of an institution building

  53. can any one have some idea about culture complex. this my research topic.

  54. This is amazing ! ! The site analysisbook is spot on. Although i still cant tellthe difference between a ste analysis and a site survey

  55. Hi Emma, I’m a student studying Architecture at Papua New Guinea University of technology. I’m having trouble designing/drawing cross sections and detailing of the buildings that I’m designing, hence I’m seeking help. Is there any ways that you can help me?

    Thank you and may the good Lord source of everything bless your day.

  56. Shameem K Mohammed


  57. thank you 🙂

  58. thanks it will be useful

  59. Hi Emma,
    Thank you for prompt reply to our request on design brief. It will help us as a guide to prepare one for a project. May you be graced with God’s favor, covering, prosperity and fruitfulness. James

  60. thanks for your furniture

  61. Hi Emma,

    I am teaching, or attempting to, an introductory architecture class to middle-school students. Your resources will be a great help in getting them on the right track for their projects.


  62. hey Emma, could you please send me Airport CAD blocks. Please and thank you!

  63. Thank you, Emma for the help! Your website really helps a lot! 🙂

  64. thank you so much.

  65. Hello,hi Emma, can you send the that I downloaded to me in 2007 version? on my e mail

  66. i hope I will get ASAP

  67. can you pls send me a lower version 2007 acad blocks.

  68. waaaahhhh … thank you for the downloads…. you’re awesome!

  69. Relie E Buenaobra

    Thanks Emma

  70. Thanks alot! It really helped me so much

  71. Hi Emma, I am asked to arrive at a concept fr my building; I don’t have a clear idea how or what is a concept…..

  72. hi emma i need hospital cead block for my casestudy
    plz can u help me

  73. It is really helpful for my site analysis… Hopefully i will carry on the right path. Thanks Emma

  74. Dear Emma,
    I am highly thankful to you for sending me the valuable guidance and am hopeful to receive such guidance in near future.
    Thank You.

    with Regards

    Khurshid Qasba

  75. thank q so much

  76. Hello there, Emma, I’m a second-year architecture student and I have a Social Entertainment Club project, I’d like to use the Voronoi diagram in designing the floor plans, facades as well as the landscape of the project, can you please help me with this? like do you have any information about how can I start with the floor plans or any other elements of the project using Voronoi diagram? any information about Voronoi applications in architecture can help. Thank you.

  77. Thanks It’s really Helpful

  78. Tnq Emma…

  79. Mwamba Christopher


  80. Virgilio Pagunsan Jr.

    Hi Emma, Thank You so much for your great work. Really help me in my drafting work.

  81. Atuhumuriza Allan

    Hey Emma. I would like you to help me on concept development coz its really hard for me

  82. Why isn’t it working in my laptop? 🙁 I really wanted it. It says “invalid”.

    Help, anyone…..

  83. Thanks for your E-mail and Block.

  84. Hay I am 2nd year architecture and urban planing student..I need your help on apartment design….and I even couldn’t find a architectural concept…

  85. Thanks alot Emma. You’re very helpful.

  86. Great website!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  87. Anybody know where I can find a drawing of a Kurig Coffee maker??

  88. Thank you so much, Emma. This is really helpful..

  89. thanks alot

  90. very helpful thank you for sharing

  91. Thank you Emma

  92. Thank you Emma.

  93. Engr. Tufail Mabood

    Hi Emma, i am using Auto cad 2017 imperial. i need all kind of architectural blocks for residential purposes. would you like to email. My email address is
    Love from Pakistan.

  94. Thank you so much. ^^

  95. Thanks emma! this is useful 🙂

  96. Greetings,
    I want you to congratulate you for the Resources you are providing.
    And can you sned me Information Regarding Layer properties and How efficiently it use in Building Plan??

  97. Thanks for sharing, Emma
    it is very helpful

  98. thank you very much

  99. Please i need some unique notes about bamboo construction and stone construction ! Pls help

  100. Thank you dear

  101. Thanks a lot!

  102. Thanks for sharing!

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