The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Architecture

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Concerned about finding work after your degree? Don’t know how to write a CV? Don’t know how to start applying for your placement year? Out of work and trying to get back into the architectural field.

Studying Architecture is hard work. You live in the studio and you dream in CAD, and yet you still need to find time to start thinking about applying for jobs – which means writing a CV, putting your portfolio together, sending out applications…… Argh. Where to start!

Architecture is a competitive market right now. Whether you are looking to move jobs or are currently out of work, this guide is for you.

What You Need

What you need is just one resource, that guides you through the process – not just any application process but YOUR process, the architecture professional. You want to know what architecture practices are looking for when they open your application, or look at your portfolio during the interview. There are so many questions you want answered, and the prospect of getting a new job can be a daunting one, particularly in this day and age.

We’ve Got The Solution

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Architecture

Well, First In Architecture is here to help. We have developed a one stop resource for you, to give you all the information you need to help you get on track and get a job. It’s not an easy process, but we give you a step by step guide to give you the best chance of finding work after study.

Our ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Getting a Job in Architecture” is over 50 pages of essential advice. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The ebook covers vital topics such as:

  • Where to find jobs
  • How to put yourself out there
  • How to write your covering letter
  • What to put in your cv/resume
  • How to put together your portfolio
  • What to expect at the interview and how to prepare for it

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Architecture

Why Should You Get This eBook?

  • Direct links to architectural employment websites (including graduate) so you can sign up to their job alerts so you hear about the jobs first.
  • Help on putting yourself out there so you are ahead of the game, and the first thought of a potential employer when a new job comes up.
  • Guidance in writing your cover letter so your application starts off on a good foundation.
  • CV guide so you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet for advice. Now with example CVs.
  • Portfolio tips to help you put together a star portfolio.
  • Interview techniques so you will be the best at interview. Including example questions and answers.

Feedback for the guide:

“Thank you so much for this guide. It has proven very useful and I am now much more focused and motivated all because of this book!!”

“Several days after purchasing this book I managed to get an interview! Thank you!”

Get ahead of the employment game with First In Architecture. Okay, so what’s the cost of this amazing resource? Well, there is nothing like this around – and it is directed solely at you – The Architecture Professional. The new 3rd Edition of this book is only £6.99! Get it now and see how it can help you kickstart your career in Architecture.

This book is not currently available.

My favourite Tools and Resources

I have curated a list of some of the tools and resources I would strongly recommend for anyone studying or working in Architecture.