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[Updated November 2019]

Welcome to our best free cad block websites article! We have put together our favourite selection of free cad block websites below. But first…a little shameless self promotion…!

We have our own CAD block library so head over to our cad block pages to check it out. I will continue to build it, and if there is anything missing you want to see just let me know and I’ll get it on here. My aim is to provide best quality blocks, to correct scales, correct layers, that make it easy for you to drop directly into your drawing with no problems. Most of my cad blocks are in both imperial and metric units. We also have a selection of premium blocks that you can purchase for a very small fee. You can head over to our shop to check out that range.

We currently feature a good range that include: bathroom blocks, furniture cad blocks, table blocks, chair cad blocks, door cad blocks, window cad blocks, people cad blocks, tree cad blocks, vehicle cad blocks, landscaping cad blocks, sports cad blocks, and a whole load more!

Here are just a small selection of our cad blocks below:


Best Free CAD Block Websites

If you still haven’t found what you need then here are our top ten alternatives. Although it is really useful to find free AutoCAD blocks and place them in your models, make sure you are a bit savvy about it. I have had many a problem with AutoCAD blocks and learnt that they are not always worth it.

For example, they can be in the wrong units, crazy scales, be corrupt and damage your model, generally badly drawn, have strange layering, and the list goes on. If you are still keen to take a shortcut and find a quick and easy solution in the form of a free AutoCAD block, I have sought out the websites that seem to have the best pickings. So lets take a look at our best free CAD block websites…


CADdetails is the leading provider of manufacturer-specific building product information, delivering to more than 452,000 architects, engineers, contractors, and other design industry professionals throughout North America.

They have a selection of both 2d and 3d models. They feature models from manufacturers but also have their own range of blocks.

2. Fast Track CAD

FastrackCAD has a massive collection of manufacturer details and cad drawings. Search by supplier or by product type. Sign up required for download but they are all free.

3. continues to be high up on my list. Great selection of blocks, you can download for free and don’t have to register. Also have good images showing you what you will get, all categorised. At time of writing it is not necessary to have an account to download which saves some time.

free cad blocks site

4. Cad blocks free

CAD Blocks Free has a pretty impressive range of blocks, both in 2D and 3D. They have good search functionality, categories and images of the blocks. This website allows for user upload in return for access to the paid content, which means that some of the files may have issues with scale, layering, units etc.
Some items are paid items (which given the name of the site is a bit misleading!), but generally there is a great range of free stuff, and you don’t need an account to download. You can get a membership to download the premium models, currently at £19 per month, with various other pricing options.
When searching for free blocks, you can use the filter in the sidebar to select all blocks between £0.00-£0.00.
best free cad block website cad block free

5. has a very good range of cad blocks. The images are very clear and well labelled so you know exactly what you are getting. There is a good range of blocks, some free and some paid. You don’t need an account to download the free blocks.
best cad block websites cad block com

6. CAD Blocks for Free

CAD blocks for free is another great free CAD blocks site has a range of over 10,000 CAD blocks. They are categorised well and easy to search for the cad blocks you are looking for. The blocks range from architectural elements, bathrooms, furniture, landscaping, people and much more. You don’t need to sign up to download which means you can get what you need quickly!
Best free cad block sites cad for free

7. DWG Models

DWG models has a free cad block library full of 2d cad blocks. Not all of the blocks are free but they certainly have a good selection of free cad blocks.
You can filter by paid or free, and the selection includes architectural details, bridges, construction details, fences, landscaping, urban planning and lots more. Plenty to explore on this site.
cad block websites free dwg models

8. Archweb

Archweb is an Italian site with a huge range of free cad blocks to download. There are a few language cross over issues, but it is well worth persevering due to the sheer amount of free cad blocks available on this site. For example, they have a wide range of vehicles, listed by make and then by model, something I haven’t seen in such detail on other sites. Other categories include animals, bathrooms, cars, construction details, house and residential, furniture, and literally tonnes more!! Be sure to spend a while browsing this free cad block website.
best CAD block sites AW

9. BiblioCAD

Bibliocad requires sign up but has a good mix of stuff – with preview images Some Free and some VIP ones. I use Bibliocad quite a lot, but one downside is that a lot of the content is user contributed so sometimes quality can be a bit hit and miss.

best free cad block sites B

10. CadAplus

A Plus has a large selection of CAD blocks, free to download and well categorised. Each block is available to download individually, which if you are looking for a number of items could be quite time consuming.
best cad blocks sites a plus

What are your favourite free CAD block websites? Let me know in the comments below!

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