Top 7 Websites for Free AutoCad Help

New to AutoCAD? Or, have you been using it for a while and still struggle? Don’t worry, there are loads of places online you can get free help, tips, resources and guidance to make you a better cad monkey!

AutoCAD YouTube Channel

AutoCAD Facebook Page

Always has news, video tips on this Facebook page.


Some tutorials on here, but its best use as mentioned in Autocad blocks post is the block library.


Autocad tips and info, good site, covering all sorts of areas.


Current AutoCad news tips and more, including a great tip to change the F1 key to Escape key for those of you that keep on hitting the wrong key.


A good starting point for tutorials on AutoCAD and also 3Ds Max.


Cad Notes is clearly laid out and has some good tips and guides.

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