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The ebooks can also be purchased in hard copy format for college, university and library use. The ebooks are not licensed to be used by any institutions and are for personal use only.

The books have already been purchased by a number of universities, and are steadily growing in popularity. They are giving students the opportunity to benefit from the information within the books from their own university library.

There are currently no other books like Understanding Architectural Details and Understanding Passivhaus. The 2d and 3d images contained in the book give clear examples of standard details, in various forms of construction. The way the details are presented allow students to gain a thorough understanding of the construction.


Understanding Passivhaus

The simple guide to Passivhaus detailing and design. This book looks at the fundamental principles of Passivhaus design, along with some examples of the different construction methods that can be used to achieve the Passivhaus standard. As with all the First In Architecture books, this is packed full of 2d and 3d details.

Understanding Loft Conversions

Understanding Loft Conversions is a simple guide to carrying out a loft conversion. The book explains the main considerations required to carry out a loft conversion, and explores numerous construction methods for achieving conversions of different types.

Understanding Architectural Details – Residential 

This book focuses on residential and domestic construction methods, in particular masonry and timber frame. It also looks at functional requirements of the building in relation to building regulations.

Understanding Architectural Details – Commercial

This book concentrates on steel frame and concrete frame construction. These methods are more widely used in commercial construction, and also feature insulated concrete formwork methods, along with portal and long span frames.

Understanding Architectural Details – Basements

This book looks at basement construction – visiting the different types of basement construction and demonstrating the various methods to achieve a waterproof basement.

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