Understanding Architectural Details – Basements

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The Second Instalment!

Building upon the successes of Understanding Architectural Details this anticipated second instalment takes the student or professional into plenty of depth as we move to the basement to cover all that the professional needs to know and understand for solid basement design and detailing. Understanding Architectural Details – Basements takes the comprehensive content from book one and fills in every little gap to create a reference tool for those seeking a solid understanding of basement construction.



This book focuses purely on basement detailing, the different types of construction and waterproofing (Types A, B and C), along with the elements of waterproofing. Type C Basement construction detail 03 Wall form concrete no protection

Ready to get to grips with Architectural Detailing within basements?

Let’s go… Order now and receive your digital download of the book within a matter of minutes. We’ve also put together various bundles to suit every student or professional’s needs. Here’s a quick over view of each, and if you need any further information, get in touch!

Bundle one is perfect for those who are just after the book.

Bundle two is for those who want the book, as well as the 2D details (printable in black and white, and colour), dwg files and all of the Sketchup models for the 3D details.

Full Package is for those looking for a complete package of both Understanding Architectural Details – Residential and all associated 2d and 3d files, along with the full Basement book and associated 2d and 3d files, and Commercial book with associated 2d and 3d files.SaveSave


2d and 3d Colour Details

What makes this book really stand out is the inclusion of over 20 2D colour details, which instantly make the drawings easy to process and understand. Beyond that, we have also included over 15 3D colour details which really take it to the next level.

This book will give you the confidence you are looking for to not only design good solid basement details, but to understand the process required to do so. It serves as a great reference manual that you can call on time and again throughout your detail design process. C10 Concrete masonry cavity drain basement detail first in architecture Understanding architectural details basements

What is included in the ebook?

Principles of Basement Design A guide to the basics of basements, the different types of basement grades, soil information and the basement design process. Building Elements A guide to some of the common waterproofing elements what their purpose is within the building assembly. The Drawings An introduction to each building method, and information about the 3 main types of basement construction. 2d and 3d details This book is super useful, really clear and should be a part of your construction library

You can read more about the first book here

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If you are looking for a US version of these details, look no further!! Check out Residential Construction Details – US Edition!!



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  1. Does your Basements ebook cover converting an existing basement into a habitable room (damp proofing, fire regs, etc)?

    • Hello Anna,
      Thank you for your enquiry. I’m afraid the book does not cover conversions of existing basements, and is more focused on new build construction. Sorry we can’t be of more assistance. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask, or email me over at emma@firstinarchitecture.co.uk.


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