Understanding Loft Conversions


A collection of loft conversion detailing and design

Understanding Loft Conversions


What is included?

Understanding Loft Conversions is a simple guide to carrying out a loft conversion. The book explains the main considerations required to carry out a loft conversion, and explores numerous construction methods for achieving conversions of different types.
The book features over 40 construction details, in 2D and 3D. All of these details are available to download in CAD and SketchUp format!

The Existing Building

  • Roof type
  • Party walls
  • Chimneys
  • Load bearing walls
  • Foundations

New Structure

  • Floors
  • Roof structure
  • Dormers and roof extensions
  • Insulation
  • Stairs
  • Windows and doors
  • Materials

Planning and Regulations

  • Planning and permitted development
  • Building regulations
  • Fire safety

Construction Details

  • General loft details
  • Front dormer window details
  • Rear dormer extension details
  • Zinc standing seam details
  • Faceted zinc dormer details
  • Velux details



All the details have been updated in line with the new Building Regulations changes issued in June 2022.

Download over 40 2D CAD files and over 40 3D SketchUp models!


How this book will help you

  • Gain a better understanding of how loft conversions work
  • Improve your technical ability
  • Save a huge amount of time searching for details
  • Edit and develop the CAD files into your own detail library
  • Explore the 3D SketchUp files to improve your understanding of loft conversions
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    Who is it for?

    students | graduates | professionals | tutors | professors

    This book is really useful to quite a few different people.
    Professionals use the book as a reference and the details as a starting point for their own projects.
    Students looking to increase their knowledge residential construction and extensions.
    Graduates use the book to take out into the workplace and use as a reference.
    Self Builders looking to gain a better understanding of loft conversions in a clear and visual way.
    The book is also highly recommended by many tutors, lecturers and professors who teach construction at colleges and universities around the globe.

    Hi, I’m Emma…

    This is why I wrote the book

    In the past I have spent many hours searching for details, trying to find an example of a detail so that I can understand the construction a bit better. I decided to try and make things a bit easier for people that were experiencing the same issues as me.

    Now, after writing five successful construction books (Understanding Architectural Details Residential, Commercial, Basements and Residential Construction Details US Edition, Understanding Passivhaus), this book explores loft conversions.

    The ever popular way of adding space and value to our homes, more people than ever are looking to convert their roof spaces into a habitable room. Whether to create a work from home office, or purely that much needed extra room, many architects are tasked with designing loft extensions at some point in their career.

    I hope that this book will showcase some of the different options available, help with understanding and save plenty of time for anyone embarking on a loft design project.

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    Exactly what you need

    Should have had this several years ago. Concise , accurate, informative, all things that facilitate accurate presentation for both Building Control and the client.
    Gordon - Architect

    I am a planner and as such my knowledge about the technical side of designing loft extension is very limited, but your book is helping me to understand more. It is well written with a lot of fantastic information. 
    Tommy - Planning Officer

    I have been working as a building design consultant for over 25 years, providing construction drawing for residential projects. I have found the book very informative and the details have made me look at the way I present my construction drawings, as the details are very helpful in portraying how a building fits together.  This helps when explaining to contractors. Thank you for your hard work, I have definitely benefited from it.
    Gary - Architect

    All I can say is Thank You for producing these books.  Coming from New Zealand where residential work is predominately timber frame construction and having a break from Architectural work for about 10yrs, these books have been a life saver for me in terms of quickly getting up to speed on UK construction methods. Especially when producing building control and tender drawings.

    Both books I have purchased ‘Understanding Architectural Details Residential’ and the ‘Understanding Loft Conversions’ have helped me immensely. Having the cad details for reference and a starting point to adapt to specific situations have been a great resource.

    Craig - Architect

    How will I receive the book?
    Upon payment you will be sent an email which contains a download link for the book. You can then download the book (and associated files if you have purchased bundle 2 or 3) onto your computer.
    Please be sure to keep an eye on your spam or junk folder.
    Can I buy the book for a university library?
    Yes! The books are available to colleges, universities or institutions but as hard copies only. You can find out more here.
    The series is also available as an online subscription so students can gain access to the books 24/7. To discuss in more detail, please email me directly. emma@firstinarchitecture.co.uk
    Are there hard copies available?
    No. At the moment the book is not available in hard copy format. The book will be launched in hard copy within the next few months.
    What happens if I lose the pdf after purchase?
    After you have downloaded your purchase, it is your responsibility to carry out any backups to ensure that your book is safe. If you lose the pdf, buy a new computer, or your computer crashes, we are not always able to replace your copy.
    What is the format of the book?
    The book is in pdf format. You can view it easily on your computer, or on a tablet if you have an appropriate pdf viewer. It is not an ePUB, which means it is not well suited to e-readers and kindles. It is best viewed on a PC or Laptop.
    What version of CAD and SketchUp are the files?
    The CAD files are saved in AutoCAD 2010, and the Sketchup files are saved in SKP 2015.
    Can I pay by card?
    You can pay by both PayPal and credit or debit card. Start the check out procedure, if you wish to pay by card, fill out your details and click proceed to shipping, you will be asked for your payment details after this.
    Have I missed something, or do you have a question? Please, drop me an email and I would be happy to help: hello@firstinarchitecture.co.uk