Understanding Passivhaus Second Edition Out Now!

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Understanding Passivhaus 2nd Edition is out now!!


I am very excited to announce the new edition of Understanding Passivhaus is now available.

I know I have been promising this book for quite some time, so thank you for being patient with me. It has been a much bigger task than I originally expected, but the result is far better than I could have imagined. I am so excited for you to see this edition of Understanding Passivhaus!

The new edition features:

  • New construction types with more 2d and 3d details

  • New case studies featuring different construction methods and even more details

  • All the SketchUp and Cad files for the new details

  • A whole new book Details:Calculated that includes all the thermal calculations of all the detail junctions

  • In depth information about thermal bridging, window positioning, fRSI, condensation and more!

  • All the Flixo files for the thermal calculations

Read all about the new edition and watch the video by clicking on the button below.

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