Where To Find Construction Details On The Web
[UDATED May 2021]
Good resources and precedents for construction details can be hard to find. You can spend hours trawling through google looking for detail inspiration but never quite find what you are looking for.
I have put together some of the most useful resources I have come across so far, but, I’m sure there are many more out there I’ve missed so please comment below, or drop me an email to make sure your ‘go to’ detail website gets added to the list.

The Detail Library

Our very own construction detail library is now packed full of over 200 construction details! We have everything ranging from foundation details, wall and window details, pitched roof details, flat roof details, plus a huge range of passivhaus details. We add to the library every month and are currently working on additional resources to make our members lives a bit easier. Go check out the library!

Associations and Regulations and Guidance

Accredited Construction Details ACDs for Part L

Although these details where archived in 2015 and are no longer updated, they still provide a useful base for your studies. The details were created to help the construction industry achieve the performance standards required to demonstrate compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. They include details for Steel Frame, Timber Frame, Masonry Cavity and Masonry Internal/External. All downloadable PDFs, very useful to keep in your own reference library.
Go to ACDs

Energy Savings Trust Enhanced Construction Details



BRE Certified Thermal Details


The BRE have created a standard directory of approved details which allows users to search a wide range of thermal junction details.

Details are provided by manufacturers and suppliers, and provide u-values along with additional information. They are in PDF format.


Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Approved Details

The LABC registered construction details are a set of thermal details designed to minimise heat loss through weak points in the building envelope. Details can be downloaded as dwg files.

Journals and Magazines

Architects Journal Buildings Library

The Architects Journal Buildings Library features some construction drawings, although you have to be a subscriber to access them. If you are a student, it is likely your university has a username and password for you to gain access. You can download the drawings as PDFs.

Go to AJ Buildings Library

Detail Inspiration

DETAIL magazine have made available over 3,000 of their DETAIL projects. You can search through the database by type, material etc and view the images and details associated with the projects. You can download the PDFs of the projects.

You have to have a subscription to Detail Inspiration, which is reduced in price for Detail magazine subscribers. Again, if you are a student it is likely that you will have access to this through your library.

CAD Detail Sites


Fastrackcad offers a comprehensive directory of top building component manufacturers who provide CAD drawings and BIM objects of their products.


Cad Details.com

CAD details provides manufacturer specific building product information ranging from SketchUp, Revit, CAD 2D and 3D to specifications, videos and images CADdetails.com hosts a mountain of information!

Go to CADdetails.com


There is a huge range of suppliers and manufacturers who provide their cad details for free download. A few good ones to mention follow, but there are hundreds more.

Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit have a massive resource centre of cad details, brochures, technical manuals – well worth a visit.



Go to Langley

Langley offer a great range of detail drawings in pdf and cad format, from built up roofing, green roofing to liquid coating. You need to sign up to get access to the downloads.




Go to Sto

Sto offer downloadable pdf illustrative details, and if you call them they will provide dwg files – if you chat them up a bit. Sto do render systems, rainscreen cladding and external wall insulation.




Kingspan Product Literature

Again, downloadable pdf’s of their insulation products and more.

Or go to the Kingspan Insulated Panels site to download Cad details.

Kingspan CAD Details


Visqueen – Tanking and Damp proof membranes

It is quite hard to find information about tanking, and dpms. Visqueen is a really useful site for getting good details but they tend to be in pdf format only.

Go to Visqueen


Velfac – Windows


Really useful standard interface details in both pdf and cad form.

Go to Velfac

There are hundreds more, but these are a good starting point. Happy Detailing!


Of course, I couldn’t finish without mentioning our set of construction detailing books!

We have a range of three UK based Construction Detail Books called “Understanding Architectural Details” for both residential and commercial construction.

We also have a residential construction detailing book based on US codes and standards.

The books are packed full of details, in both 2d and 3d, PLUS you can download all the details as 2D cad files and 3D SketchUp files! Click on the links below to find out more.

Residential Construction Details Bundle 3


Are you struggling with your construction drawings and detailing? Comment below and tell me what you find difficult or what details are hard to find and I’ll see if I can help.




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    I am a graduate in Architectural Technology and have been trying to look for an Architectural Technician/Technologist position since July 2016, but had no offers from previous job interviews due to lack of experience. Even though that I have my portfolio with my university and work experience works, but I always have difficulties in drafting out any construction detailing from scratch and really need help and support to improve on them both 2D and 3D.

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